Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dropped dreams....

Not another set of dropped dreams,
Not another set of despair,
Not another set of endless places, 
With no light in near sight....

Dreams dreamt, actions done, 
There was a cheerful time, 
When everything went, 
Seemingly smooth, in a flow,
Until came the blow, the deliberate one....
So hard, so painful, so selfish,
And so misconstrued... 

For personal gains and benefits, 
For their fifteen minutes of fame, 
Out of their ignorance and callousness...
So against the thirst for knowledge....

So many believers to follow, 
So many to oppose the light of knowledge,  
So many to fall for the dark temptations 
Offered by the opposing ones....

Many a word said, many an action done, 
The opposing ones are trying to blow out the light;
A light so dearly lit, a flame so delicate 
Yet warm and enlightening. 
The devious ones called it dangerous, 
Misled the ignorant to more and more darkness 
Far away from the light of knowledge, 
To enslave them and exploit....

The dream light is wavering, will the flame go out?
Or will it survive and become a blazing Sun?
Hands tried to protect it, kept faith that it will be there,
What if hands are withdrawn? Won't the devious ones win 
In putting out the light?
It cannot be put out, at any rate, many might be running ahead
With brighter flames, finding new knowledge.
But who knows what one is going to find, no matter how 
Feeble the flame is? 
Or what it will throw light upon? 

Fallen in the darkest trench, the heart aches, 
Thinking that another dream will be dropped,
If dreams are to be dropped, why dream?
Why bear pain, why believe against all odds?
Because, it is harder to live with the guilt of not trying, 
Harder to regret having not tried and given up,
Harder to let go of earnest dreams and aspirations, 
Harder than being crucified with false allegations,
Harder than giving up the battle for knowledge to the treacherous....

It is hard not to dream....
Because, dreams are meant to be dreamt, 
Even in the darkest hour, in the farthest corners of the heart, 
There will always be that voice "atleast you tried your best",
"You gave your best, and stood your ground
No matter how hard it was, you still dreamt that dream"....

May dreams come true and aspirations realities.... 

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