Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Woman I am

The women I am,
Is both known and unknown to me.
I surprise myself at times,
Fail myself at others.
Yet I am my best friend,
My secret keeper, keeper of my dreams.
I dream with eyes open,
About new horizons to reach.

The woman I am,
Is misunderstood,
And never understood, by anybody
Other than me.
The woman I am is abused,
Verbally, mentally, socially,
Everyday, on streets, in love, in family.
Yet I strive, I live to show,
That nothing can really affect me.
Nothing really matters, neither does anybody;
As long as I have my company,
Myself to guide me and my own
Dreams to fulfill.

My life is mine only and I am the master of it.
The woman I am is independent,
Believes in fair play and truthfulness;
In every walk of life.

The woman I am loves,
But is never loved back.
But who cares as long as I have
Enough love within me to love myself?

The woman I am, has a child inside;
A child who dreamt of walking on clouds
In the vast ble sky;
The child who wanted to explore the world,
The universe.
The child who loved stars and saluted the moon,
Who enjoyed moonlight streaming through her window.
The child who admired darkness and silence,
To learn how to admire lights and sounds.

The woman I am, has a girl inside,
Who would fight back from anything,
Who was determined to forge a path for herself.
The girl who made dreams come true.
The girl who gave herself courage in the face of adversities.

The woman I am has a woman in me,
Who grew up from a child who loved children,
To a woman who loves children;
Anything about them and their company.

The woman I am is unsure of many things.
But life must go on.
When I look at myself, I see
A child, a girl and a woman all at once.
But the dreams are the same,
Aspirations same and realities the same.

The woman I am is the one;
And only one who doesn't judge,
Who doesn't hurt, who has always been there,
Through thick and thin and will always be there
Till the end, with me!

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