Thursday, August 29, 2013


Those grey eyes in which I got lost...
So deep yet so calm...
Oh nameless!
How can I tell you
That I want to gaze at them forever?

Why did I ever gaze into them;
And waded into their deepness;
To get lost and forget myself
And everything else?


Everything seems distant now.
The sweet silence between us,
In which we spoke with gazes,
By looking in and looking away
The language of the eyes...


Then I woke up and realised,
It was all a dream...
A very sweet dream...
And nothing else.

Deep greyness had vanished...
Dark emptiness stared back.
There were no grey eyes;
And a nameless face....
They had all gone too far away,
To come back; but they were never there,
Except in a sweet virtual reality.


Oh! Nameless, who are you?
Where did you come from?
Where did you vanish to?
Are you real or a mere dream?


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