Thursday, April 22, 2010


The city buzzes around me;
Fast and furious, towards an unknown destiny;
I see a butcher's table, beside a blood covered wall,
A small meat shop on the roadside, it goes past my view.
Mansions and sky scrapers, symbols of luxury;
Men, women and children sleeping on pavements;
Contrasting colours they are.
I see men taking bath in a small bucket of water;
Women cooking food in front of their tents,
And children playing shuttle on the road.
And the starless night sky looms above me,
With a single moon in it.
My bus awaits its destination,
Caught up in the maze of a traffic block,
With deafening horns from nearby vehicles.
I too await my return to my home.
To sleep and wake up the next morning
Again to the daily routines demanded,
By the fast and furious city.

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