Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some thoughts about my human life.

Well I don't know exactly where to begin. So if this post seems to be uncorrelated at any point of time, pls forgive me.
The events that have been happening in my life for the past few days have made me write this post. I'm extremely annoyed and am feeling uncomfortable. When I seek solace, all can obtain is some advise, regarding life and all. That has made me rethink about my life in general. There was a very old question which used to fascinate me.
"Why am I in this universe? Why am I born on this earth?What is my place in this universe? Is it for a reason?If so, what?"
Life is a bit complicated, not as simple as we think. I'm not talking about the emotional things regarding humans only. everything seems to be trivial to us, because we are omitting the fact that, there are other species on earth other than humans. We have (passively) taken for granted our being human,without question. I wonder what I would have been, had I not been a human being. What would have I been? A bird? A worm? A cat? A tree? Or soil? What would have I heard had I been a bird? How would have I experienced smells had I been a dog? How would have it felt to fly without any burden? And how scary would have it been if some human hunted u and killed you? (Not that humans don't kill humans.) Thanks, at least I'm a human. Then I'm the member of a highly privilaged species, a species, which believes that it is the most wonderful creature that has ever come to existence. Again I feel frustration of being a human and at the same time happy about it. Happy because I can read Harry Potter, eat chocolate and learn physics (this is the only reason why I love being a human). But then I don't know how it feels to be another organism. But the fact that humans though highly developed, are causing mass destruction of the earth is frustrating.

And the emotional parts too. I don't know whether other organisms have as much emotion as humans, but human emotion is celebrated, of course the reason being, us belonging to the human race. When the so called relations give frustrations, sometimes we will consider not being a human atleast once. I'm bound by the karma, as described in texts written by humans, for humans, to the world including humans. (Trust me, your world will become boring if you see only humans in it.) And humans judge me, who is a human, and place me in a position designed by humans in a society by humans! Oh! God! [Even the Gods of humans are human shaped ones. Why don't humans worship Gods having other forms? If birds have a God, would it be a Bird God?] It seems to be a never ending loop and I want to get out of it. I want to shun my body and get out of it forever, but it worries me a little, since my "ahankaram" asks me the question "What will happen to me after my death?" I'm willing to die, as far as my conscious mind survives.In other words, if the information processing going on in me survives, I can die happily, since my ahankaram survives. Fear of death is only your pride's fear that it will be destroyed. [This is a new theory I've found out.] What wouldn't I do if my super powered mind gets out of my body without being hurt. I can travel the whole universe without the constraints of my body, go into the core of the sun, go to galaxies, to the centre of a black hole and roam around everywhere in the universe. It is a very exciting prospect. I wonder what happens to the mind when one dies. Mind may be the total outcome of some electrical signals inside you, but what about the information stored in it? Where does it go?Is information not conserved? You live through photos and videos and audio recorded during your lifetime, even after your body dies. Let me rule out silly ghost stories and other stupid stuff. KamalHasan once said "Death is like the full stop to a sentence. Without it, life has no meaning." Stories speak about afterlives, rebirth, many lives; you become different organisms in different lives. In a sense that's true, for everything is made up as a combination of the available resources and they are recycled throughout. You never know, what atom you have got inside you. It is probable that you have got the same electron which was present in an ancient dinosour. :)
That's all for now, since my human body is telling me that it needs some good sleep. It is in an unknown yet, a world assumed to be well known,on behalf of my being human.

PS:My being human, has given me an opportunity to use the device called computer and type out this post in a human language called English!


  1. Thanx for the comment. But I would like to know who this is.

  2. HEy LSM, you write really well. Keep the posts coming. I am waiting for more.

  3. HEy LSM, you write really well. Let the posts coming. I am waiting for more. :)

  4. For the Woman who knew nothing, Thank you for the comment. But I would like to know who you are! :)